Studio Live session

We've just finished filming Studio Live sessions for 2 songs, at a live-house in Tokyo.
The shoot went really well, a lot smoother than we expected, thanks to our crew.

We're now in the midst of editing the clips, they are scheduled to be released sometime in April.

Music video for our single, "Somebody wants Me Dead" is also in the making, and this baby is shceduled for release in March.

They're all looking good and we can't wait for the launch!

more gigs are getting confirmed too so stay tuned and we'll se you guys soon.


その前に、シングル"Somebody Wants Me Dead"のビデオが配信されるので、こちらも要チェックです!


Posted : 2012.02.20
Feb.1st. 2012
And so we've hit February.
We have a Video shooting on the 17th, which also happens to be the night Mas goes on stage for an acoustic gig.

When will this video be done?

We're thinking for a release by the end of February.

Its going to be a music video/ a quick introduction to Nothing To Declare and what we're all about.

Hope you guys will enjoy.




Posted : 2012.02.01
Happy 2012!

A little late, but A Happy New Year to everyone in the house.
We had our first studio session a few days back, and it rocked. 

Chatted a little about how to go about making 2012 a merry rocking year.

Together as a group of extremely creative minds, we decided to Produce Records, and Play Some Shows.

Love it.

We will also be making use of online tools to reach out to as many people as possible not only in Japan and whoever has the love for Music.
An online show at some point maybe?

Help us spead the words and we will do you proud.

cheers, and once again, Happy 2012!

Posted : 2012.01.17
~Thank You 2011~

Well so it looks like 2011 is ending. Hope everyone had a great year and all pumped for 2012.

2011 was mostly about getting NTD back to life. We spent most of the year in the studio jamming and writing.
Did a few gigs and made lots of friends.

This website is now up and running, growing numbers of hits each day, getting ready for our big year of 2012.

We released "Somebody Wants Me Dead" now on sale on iTunes.

This song has also been featured on Kick Rock Music (All Time Low, Four Year Strong, Yellowcard etc..)'s compilation released here in Japan together with our pals, Secret 7 Line, The Dirt Radicals, Caracal to name a few.

2012 is looking good guys.

and lastly but not least, Thank You for all the support you have given us throughout the year.

We'll see you guys in 2012!


Nothing To Declareにとっては、とても大切な一年でした。

NTDは元々、VoのMas Kimuraがシンガポール立ち上げたバンドだったんだけど、


おかげで他のバンドとは一味違う "NTDらしい" 曲がたくさん書けてます。

その中から先日、新生Nothing To Declareの活動再開第一弾として
iTunes限定のNew Single "Somebody Wants Me Dead" が発売されました!

"Somebody Wants Me Dead"



Posted : 2011.12.28
Many Thanks!

We had a blast at Koenji Roots last night!
Thank you guys for sticking around and giving us the support.

We'll be posting photos and videos in a few days so please keep chekin'.







Posted : 2011.12.16
"Somebody Wants Me Dead"試聴開始!
Sup boys and girls,

so Kick Rock Music's compilation has been released here in Japan, and this is the beginning of the brand new era of Nothing To Declare.

Check them out at Tower Records and HMVs near yours.

We now also have a kickin' website designed by our mates, we've a live show photographer and this is looking quite promising for the NTD boys.

Follow us on twitter, we are looking at doing some giveaways in the future.



For those of you guys overseas, our brand new track "Somebody Wants Me Dead " is up for listening on our front page, and is also on its way to the iTunes store and all the friendly online stores.

We have a show on Dec. 15th at Club Roots at Koenji, Tokyo so make your way down, we'll see you guys there.

12/7にKick Rock Music のコンピレーションが発売されました!

Nothing To Declareとしての新たなスタートになるリリースで、僕らとしても凄い楽しみにしてました。

Tower Records, HMV等メージャーCDショップではすでに取り扱って貰ってるので是非チェックしてみてください。

新しくウェブも立ち上がったし、Twitter, Facebookもアップデートしながらライブもこれから定期的にやってきます。



今年は今月15日の高円寺Club Rootsでのライブが最後になるので、是非遊びにきてください!


Nothing To Declare 、必ず盛り上げます。

Posted : 2011.12.08
Kick Rockコンピレーションに新曲を収録!

We'll have been added to Kick Rock Music's upcoming compilation "Punk Rock Soundtrack Vol.9".
Together with our buddies, Secret 7 Line (Japan)The Dirt Radicals (Australia)Caracal (Singapore)Pee Wee Gaskins (Indonesia) and more awesome acts.

Our song will be available on iTunes. We will announce once the track makes it to the system.

We're coming back with more info on that!!

Kick Rock Music の Punk Rock Soundtrack Vol.9への収録が決まりました。
収録バンドは僕らも親交があるSecret 7 Line (Japan)The Dirt Radicals (Australia)Caracal (Singapore)Pee Wee Gaskins (Indonesia) 他にも盛りだくさんになってます。

Nothing To Declareは未発表の曲になるのでお楽しみに!



Mas, Nothing To Declare
Posted : 2011.11.09
We are Nothing To Declare!
Sup people! 

Welcome down to Nothing To Declare's web.
We've been spending days and weeks in the studio rehearsing and writing for our upcoming shows and rehearsal.

Mas has been doing some acoustic gigs playing new tracks so check out our scheds to have a peep on what we've been up to.

Follow us on twitter!
Mas - [blog] [twitter] @maskimura
Yoshi - [blog] [twitter] @Yoshi_gt

ついにNothing To Declareのオフィシャルを立ち上げました。

Nothing To Declareは現在はスタジオにてライブ & レコーディングの準備中!絶対に今年中にリリースしてやる!
情報はブログ / ツイッター等でも流してます。
Mas - [blog] [twitter] @maskimura
Yoshi - [blog] [twitter] @Yoshi_gt

Posted : 2011.11.01
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